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This site sells the record collection of James "The Music Man" Holland. Mr. Holland was the owner of J&J Disco located in downtown Griffin, GA. This website and online store is owned and operated by the family of the late James Holland.

We have over 300,000 albums. New music is constantly being added. Check back often to see what's new.

The Music Man - Posted in the Griffin Daily News July 6, 1997

It was called the "chitlin circuit," a string of blackrun night clubs famous for serving chitlin dinners along with the entertainment. And once upon a time, long ago, chitlens drew the likes of James Brown, Jackie Wilson, B.B King, Jimmy Hendrix, Bobby Bland, and even Ray Charles to Griffin's VFW Post 8480 to play - and eat.

"We booked James Brown for the first time for $250," said James Holland, who along with City Commissioner Raymond Head, booked groups at the VFW. "That was just before 'Please, Please" became a hit. After that song got hot, he wanted $1,100 to play here."

Starting a collection

Holland kept most of the contracts signed by the entertainers. Some are on display at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon, but most are part of an ever-growing collection of music paraphernalia Holland has been acquiring for about 40 years.

The bulk of the collection is kept in the small record store Holland owns in downtown Griffin. The front of J&J Disco is dedicated to the sales of CDs, tapes, candy, candles and incense.

But wind your way to the back of the store, through a maze of tape decks, stereos, a few televisions and shelves stacked with video tapes, and you'll find a music collector's heaven. There, racks and shelves sag with the weight of albums, and cardboard boxes hold untold treasures and rare musical finds.

He has a complete collection of Jimmy Hendrix albums, including albums made when he played with Lee Mosely - who later became his producer. None of the albums in the collection have ever been opened, much less touched by a turntable. There are blues albums, gospel albums, county albums, rock albums and easy listening albums.

His collection has drawn buyers from all over the United States, Europe and Japan, hoping to convince Holland to turn loose of the one album that will make their collection complete.

"He has an incredible collection," said John Roberts,a local collector. "He has probably the state's greatest knowledge of music history. If I have a question about music, he is the one I go to."

A passion begins

Holland's interest in music started early in his life, but culminated after he was released from the Army in 1955.

"I began to manage some clubs and learned how to play the guitar," he said. "Some friends and I eventually formed a band called 'The Challengers,' and we played at clubs and places all over."

"Word has gotten out that if you want something in music, this is where you'll probably find it," Holland said. "A lot of people can't believe that a town this small has a store like this. I have a brother who owns a business in Atlanta and he is always trying to get me to come up there and open a store. I tell him no, I've traveled half-way around the world and I ended up back here, this is where I'll stay."